Five Eight Ranch


A Communal Spirit

Welcome to 88888 Pickle Ranch Resort, where tranquility and the thrill of pickleball unite. Our mission is to foster connections through the simplicity of ranch life and the communal spirit of our sport. Established in 2020 in Wills Point, Texas, we’ve created a retreat that celebrates health, wellness, and enjoyment amidst nature’s beauty.

For Everyone

Open to all, from novices to pros, 88888 Ranch offers an affordable, inclusive experience where every guest feels at home. Here, you can play under the stars, enjoy camaraderie around a firepit, and savor life’s simple pleasures. Join us for memorable moments and a shared passion for pickleball. Welcome home to 88888 Ranch—your adventure awaits.

Step into the Spirit of Texas at 88888 Pickleball Ranch Resort!

Embrace the charm of Wills Point, where life slows down and the game of pickleball brings us together, any time, any day. At 88888 Ranch, our doors are open 24/7, inviting you to a world where you can play indoors, free from the elements, in a community that feels like family.

Luxury meets leisure at our pickleball haven, where the stars shine as bright as the smiles and the warmth of the firepit echoes the warmth in our hearts. Make memories, share laughter, and join a story that’s been told for generations.

Your adventure awaits at 88888 Ranch, where every swing, serve, and volley is part of the grand Texas tapestry. Come for the pickleball, stay for the stories.

Creative, Loving, and Intuitive

Our brand attributes – creativity, love, and intuition – shine through in everything we do, making every interaction a memorable and enriching experience. 

Life On The Ranch

Nestled in the heart of East Texas, our ranch offers a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Explore lush landscapes, tranquil ponds for catch-and-release fishing, and the picturesque Lake Tawakoni and other nearby lakes, renowned for world-class bass fishing.

Meet Our Alpacas

Embark on an Alpaca Tour and get up close and personal with these gentle, curious creatures. Feed them, pet them, and create heartwarming memories with your family and friends. Don’t forget to visit our Alpaca store for genuine Alpaca products as mementos of your trip.


You can even fly into 88888ranch for the ULTIMATE experience. We have our own 1900 ft grass airstrip, where small STOL aircraft planes are able to fly into the ranch. 


You can even fly into 88888ranch for the ULTIMATE experience. We have our own airstrip, where small planes are able to fly into the ranch.